Custom Knee Bracing

At LifeSpring Physiotherapy, all our physiotherapists have received training to recommend and fit custom knee braces for your specific condition. We are able to measure and tailor braces for many conditions. We are providers of Breg custom knee bracing including the popular Fusion Technology knee brace (read more below).

Custom Knee Braces are made specifically for you. Your leg is measured through precise instruments and a brace made of a composite of materials will be used to form your custom brace allowing it to be supportive, lightweight and most importantly, functional in your daily activities. The custom knee braces are suitable based on your assessment and your need. Generally, knee ligament injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL), instabilities and knee osteoarthritis can benefit.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

BREG Fusion® Technology

Introducing Improved Comfort & Fit with AirTech™ Innovation

Our newest Fusion innovation, AirTech was specifically designed to improve comfort and fit. AirTech is a complete system of air mesh vents and grooved channel frame pads that increase airflow throughout the brace. The system allows cool air in and moves warm air and moisture away from the skin, improving patient comfort. The new pad technology also improves suspension, reduces pinching and helps alleviate pressure points.

Pivot-Point Strap Tabs


The AirTech system also includes new pivot-point straps that are longer, flexible and more durable. These strap tabs enable patients to independently position the straps in order to provide a superior fit. AirTech is currently available on the Fusion, Fusion Women’s and Fusion XT brace lines.

A Framework for Performance

Fusion’s sleek frame is made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum, making it extremely low-profile. Fusion features BREG’s proprietary ProForm technology, which utilizes Zytel®, a strong yet flexible polymer that allows Fusion to conform to the shape of the leg, resulting in a precise, contoured fit. This allows the brace to engage sooner, to resist knee displacement, and reduce injury-causing elongation of the ligaments. The ProForm technology also enables the brace to accommodate the changing axis of the knee, keeping Fusion solidly in place to defend the knee. Fusion also features BREG’s standard polycentric hinge design, internally mounted cushioned straps, and pivoting strap tabs.

Figure A ProForm technology with Zytel allows the brace to contour to the leg, resisting knee displacement. Comfortable, precise fit accommodates knee through flexion and extension. Figure B 

With proper strapping the medial side goes into tension upon valgus load, minimizing displacement and reducing the chance of injury.

With valgus force, load is absorbed and dispersed.


Adjustments at Your Fingertips

Exclusively on Fusion OA (osteoarthritis) braces is an innovative thumbwheel dial that allows precision offloading adjustments with the touch of a finger (or thumb). This makes Fusion OA braces easy to use, with “no hassle” adjustments. Competitive braces often require tools, like a screwdriver, to change hinge settings.

* Information taken from Breg Custom Fusion Knee Bracing