With the return of spring comes the desire to head back outdoors.

One of Canada’s newest trends, but one which has been taking Europe by storm for several decades, is Nordic Poling, or Nordic Pole Walking (NPW), a great way to head outside and get moving.

Unlike regular walking, Nordic Pole Walking works almost your entire body, giving you an overall tone & heart workout all rolled into one form of exercise!

All you need to begin?

  • Your running or walking shoes depending on your location
  • the appropriate clothes for the weather,
  • a set of Nordic poles
  • some instruction to get you on your way

Health Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking, via Nordixx Canada’swebsite:

  • Burns 30-46% more calories with Nordic Poling than regular walking
  • Uses 90% of your muscles for a highly effective full body workout
  • Reduces impact on knee and hip joints
  • Improves muscle tone, core muscles, posture, balance, stability, and more
  • Speeds up weight loss
  • Increases overall fitness
  • Manages pain naturally
  • Improves many medical conditions

Other Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking:

  • Easy to transport & travel with, just lower your poles & pack with your favorite walking shoes
  • Relatively low cost to start up (cost of poles can average $50-150) & maintenance (new “feet” for the poles when needed, about $3-10 per pair)
  • Great to do on your own or with a group
  • See the great outdoors
  • Can be done year round, depending on how bundled you are willing to get!

Interested? Please speak with your physiotherapist to see if this exercise could be beneficial and a good fit for you.

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