Life. Uninterrupted.

Never Miss a Beat. There’s so much you love to do, and you don’t want to stop for a second. Running, hockey, work, swimming, children, hiking, dancing, driving, golf, coaching, entertaining, competing, renovating!  The pure joy of movement – whether it be an exuberance for life, or an athlete’s love of sport – makes you feel on top of the world.  If an injury happens to slow you down, our goal at Lifespring Physiotherapy is to get you back doing what you love – as soon as possible.

P.I.E. describes the relationship we have with our clients.
Physical: We understand your physical pain, and provide a comprehensive rehabilitation experience, by alleviating physical pain using evidence-based physiotherapy techniques.
Intellectual: We respect your intelligence. We take the time to educate our clients on the root cause of the pain, in order to empower them as partners in our goal of optimal rehabilitation.
Emotional: As humans, we are all emotional beings, and we appreciate that you may have other issues causing stress in your life in addition to your injury.

Enjoy life again

At LifeSpring you’ll be welcomed by an energetic, enthusiastic team of committed healthcare professionals. Our registered physiotherapists, all with strong academic MSc. PT, research and patient-care backgrounds, offer warm, individualized and compassionate care to heal both body and mind. A sports physiotherapist, registered massage therapist, fitness trainers, kinesiologist, and homeopathic physician round out our devoted staff. Come to LifeSpring and enjoy life!