Here at LifeSpring Physiotherapy, we offer custom orthotics to help reduce, prevent and promote optimal functioning for your body. An in-depth bio-mechanical gait analysis looking at your complete gait cycle through the entire kinetic chain will be performed in your orthotics assessment. Your feet are only one part of your body, and our advantage as movement experts is to be able to evaluate any limitations throughout your body to ensure orthotics are appropriate for your optimal health.

A custom foot orthotic is a medical device designed to realign your foot to control foot motion as well as redirect and reduce stress to your body. They look like regular insoles but are custom made at LifeSpring through proprietary GaitScan technology along with a molded impression of your feet. This ensures your orthotic is made specifically for your feet, providing you the greatest support possible.

The symptoms of poor foot mechanics can include any one of the following:

  • Localized foot pain
  • Bunions, hammer toes
  • Arch/heel pain
  • Leg/knee pain
  • Hip or back pain – even neck pain

Check with your extended health care benefits if you are covered for custom orthotics, and contact us to book your orthotics assessment today with Physio Harold or Chiropractor Dr. Derick.