The Osteo-Circuit Building Better Bones Supervised Exercise Program focuses on strength training, core stability, and postural exercises. Osteo-Circuit was designed by Physiotherapist Bonny O’Hare in response to patient request and needs.  These sessions are aimed to help clients who have low bone density (osteoporosis or osteopenia), those who are at risk for these conditions, as well as assist any clients who would benefit from general strengthening and conditioning supervised by a physiotherapist.

We are proud to be the second physiotherapy clinic in the GTA to offer this beneficial program.

At LifeSpring, detailed assessments are performed by a physiotherapist who has undergone educational training through Osteoporosis Canada in addition to the Osteo-Circuit curriculum.

These assessments include:

  • thorough health history
  • analysis of posture and alignment
  • objective testing of range of motion and strength
  • functional movement testing

Once the assessment is completed, an individualized exercise program is developed for each patient. As people with osteoporosis sometimes have other health concerns or conditions, it is important that the exercise program is individualized to their specific needs. Depending on your fitness level and physical limitations, your exercise sessions will be supervised by the Osteo-Circuit trained physiotherapist.  During these sessions, the exercises will be evaluated to make sure that each is performed correctly and that progression is done safely. In addition to supervised exercise sessions in the clinic, you will also be instructed on home exercises which can be performed on your own in-between visits.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit or contact LifeSpring to book a specialized Osteo-Circuit assessment with Harold.