Concussions are a common injury which we see in patients who play:

  • football
  • soccer
  • hockey
  • rugby
  • basketball
  • diving
  • trampolining
  • volleyball
  • boxing
  • wrestling
  • as well as after car accidents.

One crucial physiotherapy service we offer to our local sports teams, athletes of every level, as well as those who have had a car accident is our CONCUSSION CARE.


If you, your team, or a loved one are involved in a sport which puts you at risk for concussion, or you have recently experience one, contact us for more info!


Concerned about a concussion in your child or one of your athletes? HERE ARE A FEW RECOMMENDED RESOURCES: 


A Pocket Concussion Recognition Tool from the Concussion in Sport Group:

Signs of Concussion for Athletes:

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